The Essex Harmony

Concert Program 2021:
1.Down Steers The Bass by Daniel Read
2.Russia by Daniel Read
3.Colchester by William Tans’ur
4.Millbrook by Neely Bruce
5.Cornerstone by Shawn Kirchner
6.Tenting On The Old Campground by Walter Kittredge, arr. Rene Clausen
7.Hope Lingers On by Lisa Scheneckenburger (Essex Harmony Trio)
8.Bright Morning Star Trad. Kentucky folk, arr. Fred Squatrito
9.I Dreamed Of Rain by Jan Garrett, arr. Larry Nickel

Narration by Beth Blanchard
Guest Soloist: John Archer TBD
Piano selection by Chad Conlan TBD
Guitar accompaniment: Derek Carmody
Projectionist: Josh Carmody  

Men's quartet: Tom Carmody, Seamus McLaughlin, Rich Nevius, Thomas Jacobs
Ladies quartet: Maria Scerri-Godzik, Jennifer Leto, Beth Blanchard, Pat Callahan
The Essex Harmony Trio: Maria , Jennifer, Pat
Soloist, I Dreamed Of Rain: Maria Scerri-Godzik

"End Of Fall Concert"
Sunday, November 14, 2021 at 2:00 PM in the John Archer
Music Conservatory, 10 North Street, Danvers